Mach-II for PHP Archive

This is not supported by myself or the folks who develop and maintain Mach-II for ColdFusion but I do get a few emails asking about it every year, so here it is.


The API and configuration manual from the old website (tgz).

PHP 4 & 5

MachII-0.3.17 tgz zip
MachII_cache_DangaMemCachedClient-0.1.1 tgz zip
MachII_cache_EAccelerator-0.1.0 tgz zip
MachII_cache_PearCacheLite-0.1.1 tgz zip
MachII_cache_TurckMmcache-0.1.0 tgz zip
MachII_cache_ZendAccelerator-0.0.1 tgz zip
MachII_filters_ContinuationFilter-0.1.0 tgz zip
MachII_filters_ValidateObject-0.1.0 tgz zip
MachII_plugins_PearBenchmarkTimerPlugin-0.1.0 tgz zip


Note: Don't use PHP 4 plugins with the PHP 5 core files! It might work or you may see some really weird errors like variables disappearing. It didn't seem to be a problem with Mach-II. I've seen it happen with older versions of PHP 5, I don't know if it's been fixed or not.

MachII5-0.1.4 tgz zip
MachII_cache_PearCacheLite5-0.1.0 tgz zip